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About Toulouse

If you had never known the area of @department@ before, living at home in Toulouse will be an excellent opportunity to discover this part of France. Finding a room to rent in a home in Toulouse is the best way to experience an immersion in the heart of the Occitanie region, where you will have the opportunity to discover beautiful places and welcoming locals. Toulouse counts today 471 941 inhabitants. Welcome a student at home in Toulouse? Many of them have embarked on the adventure of housing sharing and now offer a room announcement for rent in Toulouse on Roomlala. There's no shortage of nice streets in Toulouse! Among Rue du Taur, Rue Saint Rome, La Rue Croix Baragnon, you are spoilt for choice. On the Roomlala results page, you can easily target the area where you want to live in Toulouse using the location map, and thus consult the housing offers in the vicinity. Do you already have a favourite neighbourhood? Maybe Bagatelle, le Capitole, les Chalets, Saint-Aubin/Dupuy, Bonnefoy? You can also check the room ads for rent in the neighborhood of your choice in Toulouse, directly on the city's ad lists or via our search engine. Once you have moved into your room with the locals in Toulouse, you can move from point A to point B without difficulty thanks to the city's bus network, which serves at Sept Deniers, Colomiers Lycée International, Saint-Orens Centre Commercial in particular. Enjoy the pleasant view, you can take the tram for your trips to Toulouse. If you rent a room near Arènes, Palais-de-Justice, Aéroconstellation, it's convenient! To avoid any traffic problems, opt to take the tube! The Mirail - Basso-Cambo, Balma - Gramont, Jean-Jaurès station and many others are there for when you live in Toulouse. If you don't live in Toulouse even if you plan to go out regularly, think about renting a room near a train station: Toulouse Matabiau, Gare de Toulouse-Saint-Agne. If you travel in France or internationally, you can easily fly from l’aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac to Toulouse. As for entertainment, you will be able to enjoy coming to live in Toulouse! There are different concert halls in Toulouse. The Le Zénith Toulouse Métropole, Le Metronum, La Dynamo will allow you to come and see and listen to your favorite artists on stage. True music lovers who wish to live in Toulouse will be delighted to attend Toulouse festivals: Les Siestes électroniques, La Teuf de Toulouse, Festival Toucouleurs. Come and applaud many artists and have a good time with their live performances. Want to support local teams and athletes? If you are starting to rent a room with a local resident in Toulouse, you will be delighted to discover the many matches and sporting events that take place in the vicinity of Toulouse, especially in stadiums such as Stade municipal de Toulouse / Stadium municipal, Le palais des sports André-Brouat, Stade Toulousain Rugby. Sports events and gatherings that take place around Toulouse, such as le Marathon International de Toulouse Métropole, FestOval, la Toulousaine, are a perfect opportunity to meet people and have a good time. Weekends, or even weekdays: nothing like attending exhibitions. In Toulouse, you can easily access a museum like the Musée des Augustins, Musée Saint-Raymond - musée des Antiques de Toulouse, Muséum de Toulouse. Walking and green space enthusiasts? On Roomlala, you can find ads for rooms to rent in Toulouse, close to parks and squares to stroll: Le Jardin Japonais du jardin Compans-Caffarelli, La Prairie des Filtres, Le Jardin des Plantes. Roomlala gives you the ability to focus your search on specific points of interest in Toulouse: la place du Capitole de Toulouse, le Pont-Neuf de Toulouse, la Cité de l'espace, la Basilique Saint-Sernin de Toulouse, Basilique de la Daurade. Finally, renting a room in a private home is a very common practice for students. This is the case for many students who live in Toulouse and seek accommodation near their school campus, college, or university such as Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Sciences Po Lyon (IEP).

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